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橘子的生日派对 – 15 Oct 2016

Garden Studio has eventually became one of the best place to host a small party for birthday celebration. Garden Studio is known as homestay for short getaway, however occasionally we do receive booking for events. Last Saturday, we are pleased to have Orange (famous blogger) in our Corner Double Room for her birthday party. She has been to Garden Studio for a few times, helping us to capture lots of lovely pictures and feature them on her blog. Feel free to visit her page for more photographs: http://orangelkm.com/?p=2898 and also http://orangelkm.com/?p=2792 Hey peeps, Garden Studio do not do this for free! *Nothing is free* Event/Celebration/Party/Gathering : Fee is MYR 100 on top of the room rate 🙂 By the way, Corner Double Room is one of the biggest studio (1399sf) we have. It has two bedrooms, comes with 4 Queen Size Beds. This studio is perfect for events, providing the fact that it has spacious hall for your guests and four comfy beds for those who get drunk! Check out the price online or ring 0123310207 for more information. Now Question No 1 : Why do I have to pay MYR 100 for events? WHY? We do have limited number of pax for each studio. […]

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    Have you ever feel like you just want to escape the world for a day or two? Well, you can take a week or a month off but most of us don’t have that kind of luxury thanks to the 1001 commitments that we have, no? So last week, I opted for a night’s stay in my city, Kuala Lumpur, which is something that I have never done. And what’s totally different too this time is that I decided to check-in a homestay instead of a hotel. My choice was Garden Studio at The Scott Garden in Old Klang Road. They currently have 9 studio units there and I was told by one of the owners that they’re planning to add more. I asked my sister to join me and since it was just the both of us, we opted for the standard studio unit. The thing that we love about the 75sqm unit is its modern contemporary design. It’s very simple, really and I love the different strokes of wall paintings. And then there’s the comfy grey couch that we could sit/lay on and chat the night away. There’s also TV with Unifi channels but we ended up […]

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There is this loft studio at The Scott Garden called Garden Studio opened for renting per night at RM188 (launching promotion until end of Nov, 13). I saw this from their facebook page and thought hey this place looks quite posh and spacious for a girl’s night together for the butterfly team. I though it would be a nice place to rest after all the hard work we put into to run the community. I stayed only for a night but my expectations of activities to do at The Scott Garden where it is located is really low. I wasn’t familiar with the place. In my mind I thought it was “ulu” place.Boy was I wrong haha!Scott Garden is really happening on Saturday night! So many pubs, clubs and eateries. Though it proves to be a problem finding halal restaurants. We dine at Tesco food court where there is a Thai food corner (FABULOUS! SPICY & GOOD PORTION). It’s the only one there if anyone wants to know. Tesco closes late at night as well so we went shopping for snacks to pig out later at Garden Studio watching some girly comedy. Focus group in the day. Girly movie session […]

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Kerchi Birthday Celebration

I think it’s actually quite affordable, considering the location and the layout of the place. I really love the view and the interior design of the place.

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