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橘子的生日派对 – 15 Oct 2016
橘子的生日派对 – 15 Oct 2016

Garden Studio has eventually became one of the best place to host a small party for birthday celebration. Garden Studio is known as homestay for short getaway, however occasionally we do receive booking for events. Last Saturday, we are pleased to have Orange (famous blogger) in our Corner Double Room for her birthday party. She has been to Garden Studio for a few times, helping us to capture lots of lovely pictures and feature them on her blog. Feel free to visit her page for more photographs: http://orangelkm.com/?p=2898 and also http://orangelkm.com/?p=2792
Hey peeps, Garden Studio do not do this for free! *Nothing is free*
Event/Celebration/Party/Gathering : Fee is MYR 100 on top of the room rate 🙂
book homestay kuala lumpurBy the way, Corner Double Room is one of the biggest studio (1399sf) we have. It has two bedrooms, comes with 4 Queen Size Beds. This studio is perfect for events, providing the fact that it has spacious hall for your guests and four comfy beds for those who get drunk! Check out the price online or ring 0123310207 for more information.
Now Question No 1 : Why do I have to pay MYR 100 for events? WHY?
We do have limited number of pax for each studio. For example, Corner Double Room is designed to accommodate 8 pax. If you are hosting a party, you will probably invite more than 8 guests, perhaps more than 10 guests. Therefore, Garden Studio is charging the MYR 100 for those additional pax. It’s fair enough that we do not do head count like hotel does, right? MYR 100 for the additional 10 pax, that’s super fair wehh! (Don’t lie that you have only 4 people coming to your party, that’s pretty sad) Of course, if you really have only a group of 4 celebrating a mini party, we can still further negotiate on the extra fees. (If we found out you’re lying, you will have to pay more as a result! tsk please don’t do that, thank you very much!)
 Question No 2: If I pay for the extra MYR 100 fee, do I get extra service or free stuff ?
We are so sorry to inform you that we do not provide extra service or free stuff for your event 🙁 A beautiful studio is the only thing we can assured! Setting up your own dessert bar (this studio has a big movable bar table *win*) is a fulfilling thing to do, especially when you are satisfy with the result. If you’re not good at this, there are many professional out there!

 Question No 3: Do I have to pay security deposit? 
Yes, we collect MYR 500 deposit for events. (For normal staycation, we collect MYR 300 deposit) Of course, we do have house rules for events. Oh, please be a good guests and obey the rules, then you are able to get a full refund upon check out. When rule says no pasting decoration on the wall; you may disobey, but when the wall paint destroyed the moment you took down your decoration, you pay. Thank God, Orange is safe on this! The paint is tough + she’s skillful when taking down the pompoms, she no need to pay!
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information! 🙂
Venue: Corner Double Room, Garden Studio Homestay
Email: 8gardenstudio@gmail.com (The Scott Garden)/ gardenstudio.kl@gmail.com  (The Face Platinum)
Contact: +60123310207 (The Scott Garden)/ +60173483385 (The Face Platinum)

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