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Kerchi Birthday Celebration
Kerchi birthday celebration @ Garden Studio
Kerchi Birthday Celebration

Garden Studio

The first thing would be to find a place, whether is it an apartment or a bungalow, cafe or restaurant. Just make up your mind and make early booking. If you’re a last minute person (like me!), the day i wanted to book it got taken by someone else 🙁 .. So i had to do it on my actual day. But all is good..
There are actually 3 types of layout of the apartment, CLICK HERE to go their Fb to see the other layout. (if you’re wondering mine is SOHO 1. Nothing but the best for my 21st.. haha. & it’s of cause the most classy one.. hehe)
I think it’s actually quite affordable, considering the location and the layout of the place. I really love the view and the interior design of the place. (no wonder i see so many birthday celebration being held here.. haha) But i think soon the price will also increase la..
The design of the apartment is really classy and it have the really relaxing feel, but one thing i didn’t like that the lighting was a little to yellow and deem, so all the picture i took was quite yellow. I would prefer if it was white.. (for the sake of picture taking.. haha) Other than that, the apartment have 2 floors. I didn’t take a picture of upstairs, but it’s just one bedroom nothing much.. ( but the toilet on the upstairs, is quite awkward cause it’s totally see through.. hahaha..)  But it’s really prefect for a couple to have this place, if i had money i would probably buy one unit myself..
There also provide a fridge, a small kitchen area for you if you need to prepare any food.
If you’re interested you can email : enquiry@gardenstudiohomestay.com 
The updated prices of the apartment is as follow :
Sunday – Thursday (Weekday)
SOHO 1 : RM280
SOHO 2 : RM 250
SOHO 3: RM230
Friday – Saturday (Weekend)
SOHO 1 : RM310
SOHO 2 : RM280
SOHO 3 : RM260
If your going to do a party there is an extra charge of RM100.

Complete review from her:  http://originalkerchi.blogspot.com/2014/07/21st-birthday-celebration-part-1-set-up.html

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